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Infinite Memory Vortex Marble

Infinite Memory Vortex Marble


Fantasticly deep spiral for your eternal memories. Made by hand lovingly of borosilicate glass, the cremains are first incorporated into a molten gather of clear glass and mixed into somewhat of a "batter" and stretched into a "cane." This cane is applied to an internal core, and then layered with clear and black colored glass, then finally swirled with a silver based background color to complement the internal spiral. Stare endlessy into this memory marble whenever necessary. 


Loss is a difficult process. Handmade glass remembrances capture a physical memory for you to view or stash away for special moments. In time, these lovely art pieces can provide comfort and solace, or simply an opportunity to recall our fondest moments. Every piece is made with great care, love, and attention, as it is always a great honor to participate in the legacy of those to be remembered. 


Upon purchase you will be provided a pre-paid return envelope and labeled container to enclose the cremains.